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24/7 Emergency Services in Jacksonville Southside

24/7 Emergency DOT Testing Services

The Department of Transportation has specific regulations regarding the timing of drug and alcohol testing after an incident. In particular, the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires employers to initiate alcohol testing as soon as possible following an accident. A typical testing window is 2 – 8 hours following an accident for alcohol testing, and no later than 32 hours for drug testing.

Since timely testing is essential when it comes to satisfying the Department of Transportation’s regulations, ARCpoint Labs of Jacksonville Southside offers 24/7 emergency testing services. Our location is equipped to provide expedited services while maintaining our professionalism and accuracy.

Upholding DOT Standards, No Matter When or Where

Our collections specialists are trained to understand all aspects of DOT requirements and procedures. We uphold the same standards when completing collections, whether we’re at your place of business, at our lab, or at the site of an accident. And we are seasoned in following chain of custody collections, ensuring the integrity and legality of our testing.

Learn More About Our Testing Services

When an emergency situation occurs, benefit from a mobile, 24/7 DOT testing expert. Contact ARCpoint Labs of Jacksonville Southside.

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