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Court-Ordered Testing in Jacksonville Southside

Judicial (Court-Ordered)

Many aspects of day-to-day life, such as driving privileges, child custody and visitation privileges depend on reliable, court-ordered drug and alcohol test results. Choose ARCpoint Labs of Jacksonville Southside as your reliable partner to perform every court-ordered drug test to ensure:

  • Your test is properly identified with you as the test subject. This is crucial to preventing falsification.
  • Our technicians follow proper procedure when collecting your sample, not only for protection against tampering but also to ensure accurate results.
  • You receive professional, respectful treatment of all sensitive matters pertaining to your circumstances.

When you are required to comply with court-ordered testing, expect courteous, respectful service from ARCpoint Labs Jacksonville Southside. We carefully monitor every step of the process to ensure your sample isn’t tampered with and results are delivered in a timely manner. We understand the results are significant to your case and we handle them professionally — from collection to result reporting.

ARCpoint Labs of Jacksonville Southside can provide additional information on the process for obtaining test results in the judicial matters listed here:

Drug Court

ARCpoint Labs of Jacksonville Southside understands the special handling required in substance abuse cases . . .

Passive Exposure

Passive exposure tests results can be critical to child abuse and child welfare investigations . . .

Child Custody

In some cases, drug and alcohol use or abuse can be at issue in a child custody case . . .

Court-Mandated Testing and Monitoring

Our results are obtained with precision to ensure they are accurate and court admissible . . .

Court-Admissible DNA Testing

Make ARCpoint Labs of Jacksonville Southside your choice for court-ordered drug testing.

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